J.P.C. - In Your Home Walk Thru Service

Joseph's Pet Care also offers "J.P.C. - In Your Home Walk Thru Service" to Celebration residents anytime needed and I'm available on a  year-round basis.  This service is utilized primarily by residents who have another home in the northeast, although some are from out West, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, U.K. & Canada. When you're in town and you'd like to discuss my service before your next departure... I'd be more than happy to set up a day & time to stop by your home at no charge and go over all your requested details.  I have only one request on J.P.C. walk thru service and that is - you must utilize a minimum of once a week visits.  I've had inquiries in the past for once or twice a month visits and I've turned them down; for it is too much responsibility / behind the scenes work in setting up an account i.e. not profitable enough. Plus, I'm available 7 days a week / 24-7  if something comes up like an alarm is set off, or I may need to be there to let in a plumber, ac repairman, etc.  Most home owners go with once a week visits and some request twice a week and that is fine too. As we get together for the first time, I'll gather all your personal information onto my service form and note all the details that I'll be doing on each visit on the outside & inside of your home.  

Below is a listing of types of request... that are made for the outside of homes:

*  Check for mail, UPS / Fed Ex packages & send pictures of on each visit too. If you like I can send the important

    looking mail to your location via our Post Office or the local UPS Store at Water Tower Plaza.

*  Bring in any papers from the Orlando Sentinel, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Osceola Gazette, etc and

    report to owner... for them to double check a stop has been made on delivery, if desired.     

*  Also I'll bring in yard signs from your Pest Control Company and/or literature that is inserted into front door.

*  Pick up and dispose of any trash that may have blown into the yard.

*  Double check that landscaping is maintaining your yard at the same standard each week.

*  Make sure all is growing normally:  grass, plants, flowers, etc  (Sometimes a sprinkler head breaks / needs 

    repair & can usually be fixed by your lawn company).

*  Also I need to know where the main water cut off valve is "outside of home" in case of emergency.

*  I usually send pictures from all angles around home on each visit - to show all is good.  If something was to be 

    of concern... I could send a video for you to see what I'm talking about in real time / motion.

*  Double check that the pool is being serviced weekly (by finding pool tag with date of service) and also make

    sure the water level is good / high enough for it to be ok for another week. Also I'll make sure the pool pump 

    equipment looks to be in good working order; plus I can hose around your pool deck.

*  Walk around home looking at roof tops, windows, siding of home, etc. - especially after a thunderstorm 

    and/or hurricane.  Also will check the outside AC units are operating properly / quietly. 

*  I also can bring in outside items as a hurricane approaches and put them back out afterwards.

*  I will look for any pest digging in the yard, under fence, & also for any ant trails, wasp nest, etc. & report 

    findings to the you the home owner. 

*  Also will keep an eye out on public street lamps by your property (for a bulb being out or perhaps a broken 

    glass pane) & this can be fixed by the Celebration folks... once you convey the information.

*  Make sure the trash can is empty and placed where you like (in garage or outside by garage door).

*  Recycle bins are usually placed inside of garage for long departures.

*  Walk thru garage making sure breaker box is ok, hot water heater/s are ok.  If home owner likes... I can start  

    their car/s once a week (with garage doors open) - for it's not good for them to sit idle for months.

Below is a listing of things that are requested... to check on the inside of homes:

*  Walk through all rooms looking at: wood flooring, base boards, carpeting, tile floors, windowsills, walls, and

    ceilings... looking for anything out of the ordinary that would command attention.

*  Also make sure all furnishings are in order - everything looks as was from day one.

*  Make sure all windows & doors are locked securely.

*  Run all water spigots on each visit including shower heads, sink spray nozzles, running the garbage disposal, 

    and of course would look under the sink to make sure no leakage.  If your hot water breaker is left on... I can 

    run the hot water for a few minutes to force the hot water heater to come on / this will circulate the sediments

    from forming in the bottom of tank.  Will also do a visual on your hot water heater for being ok.

*  Can flush all toilets on each visit and wait for them to stop running / making sure no leakage at the base.

*  Check thermostat in homes and perhaps your garage apartment - to be sure they are performing at set 

    temperature. I have a hand held digital thermometer which works well for checking the temperature in 

    your refrigerator & freezer.  Also will check the temperature if you have a wine cooler.  Plus you may consider 

    switching off your ice maker when away.

*  I can change out air filters for you too - whenever you like or on a set day of each month/s.

*  I can pour hot water, or water & bleach, or water & vinegar, down your PVC piping of AC unit 1 x monthly.

*  I check that your stove settings are turned off.

*  Some like to disconnect certain electronics like wide screen tv's, etc. to protect against a lightning strike.

*  Will find out if any of your lights are to come on with a timer - just a fyi for me and at what time.

*  I'm usually requested to leave all window blinds & curtains as they were set (most of the times closed).

*  Will glance at smoke detectors (replace battery if need be & ok'd by you) although some types you have to 

    notify the alarm company first, since they are hooked in with the alarm system i.e. for fire truck notification.

*  Can water plants inside or outside of home.

*  Some like to keep closet doors cracked open for ventilation and even some cabinet doors.

*  Some like the dishwasher & washing machine to be run / cycled through once a month and to open the door 

    to the dishwasher on the next return visit, to ventilate.  

*  Look for any bug activity and report to the homeowner i.e. to seek their desired plan of action.

*  If your indoor camera system needs resetting - I have experience is assisting there too.

*  If you have a NEV, GEM, or Electric Car - you can keep battery charged by putting it on a timer. 

*  Can check fuse box on each visit - to be sure all are set as you desire.

*  Some inform their neighbor/s of my coming & goings while they're away and let them know what day/s I'll be

    visiting. This to give them a heads up as I, a possible stranger to them, will be seen walking all the way around 

    your home - which is sometimes precariously close to your neighbor's side of home. All the while I'm doing an

    outside inspection, taking pictures (to send to you in an email), etc. as performing my regular routine.