Joseph's Pet Care - In Your Home Service For Dogs & Cats

Joseph's Pet Care offers "In Your Home Pet Care" to Celebration residents... for your pets while you're away on vacation, business, and/or to cover for a family emergency.  One visit a day should suffice for families with cats and 3 visits are required daily for dogs (for their potty walks). 

Prior to your departure... we can set up a day & time for me to stop over to go over all your individual pet care needs / home instructions, etc. (this visit is free). I'll bring over my J.P.C. service form to note all your personal information & below are some of the types of information that are gathered: Your name, cell phone, home phone, email address, your itinerary plans / destination for each trip would be helpful too; example a cruise, trip out of the country, etc. This way we can concur on the best way for me to contact you at the finish of each visit, either by email or text message is the most common way. Plus I will need your alarm code and entry instructions (prior to starting service) and your door key (unless you have a combo lock entry). Also, I'll note on your service form which Veterinary Clinic you use & ask are their shots up to date? 

Below is a listing of things I do for J.P.C. families in their homes who have pets. All the items you choose for each visit - will be posted onto your uniquely designed itinerary, allowing me to remember all the requested details.

*  I enter homes while shaking keys in hand & stooping low (to prevent your dog or cat from escaping).

*  On the first visit I make sure all pets are seen (do a head count).

*  Plus make sure all are looking / feeling well on each visit too.

*  Feed can food or dry food (having noted which pet gets what type of food).

*  Clean dirty pet dishes from prior feeding, on each visit.

*  Some request treats to be given but sometimes not and/or to certain pets only.

*  Refresh water bowl/s with tap, bottle, or cold refrigerated water - whichever you'd like.

*  Clean litter box/es and make sure their bowel movements look good / healthy.

*  Sweep around the litter box (as they always track litter outside of).

*  Pills / medication, salves or ointment, etc. can be administered. 

*  I can have play time with special toys and/or I can brush or give hands on TLC.

*  Walk around all open rooms looking for any spots that may need to be cleaned.

*  Also make sure all household items are in place / nothing was knocked over.

*  Can feed small pets like turtles, fish, or birds too.

Below is a listing of other items that have been requested to be performed in J.P.C. clients homes while taking care of their pets. 

*  I check / bring in mail, packages by door, newspapers, door literature, & yard sign from Pest Control company.

*  Open / close certain blinds and/or drapes in your home, as requested (when making multiple daily visits).

*  Turn on / turn off certain lights by request (although you may use timer lights too). 

*  I check oven switches are turned off & make sure no food item was left in the oven or microwave.

*  I check timers on the oven & microwave are correct / not flashing - i.e. meaning power outage.

*  Check for pool tag (on set day) showing pool was serviced & I can add water if the level is too low.

*  Water inside or outside plants, if instructed.

*  Replace smoke detector battery if beeping (would notify you first).

*  Make sure no perishables are around inside or outside of fridge (especially on long trips).

*  Check inside temperature of home with my digital thermometer to assure thermostat is performing as set.

*  By request can turn TV on in the am & off in the pm (the weather channel has calm voices & soothing music).

*  When finishing, I take out plastic bag (double bagged) of trash, litter contents, etc. to your trash can.

*  If your water heater switch was turned off at departure - I can turn back on during my last visit, if you like? 

Note:  On my first pet visit, I bring over a tote bag and leave for the duration - with the added contents: Paper towels, sponges, plastic bags, small cloth towels for special clean ups, and a small whisk broom.  I also bring over a plastic clip board / case and on the outside is your contact information / itinerary... showing days / times that I'll be stopping over... plus I'll check off each specific item that is performed. At the end of each visit, I'll send you an email update from my iPhone and I always enclose pet pictures, a greeting, and a message about the visit.