Joseph's Pet Care

Dogs require 3 daily visits and cats are ok with only one. Also, families with dogs only need one afternoon visit per day, while they are away at work.  J.P.C. will never charge extra for peak periods, holidays, last minute request, & no charge for trip cancellations. Please scroll down for price listing.

J.P.C. Walk Thru Service

Your home in Celebration is a big investment and I would be honored to be your main overseer.  I will strive to exceed your "every expectation" in giving you five star service on each & every visit. May our JPC business relationship and friendship last for many years. Thank you!  Joe Maddux

J.P.C. - Service Prices

Compare the our service packages and find the best fit for you.

Joseph's Pet Care

Prices For Dogs & Cats


Per 15 Minute Visit - Is The Most Popular Reques​t

Below Are Prices - If Need More Time

30 Minutes - $40

45 minutes - $50

60 minutes - $60

I have informed all my J.P.C. families not to share "REVIEWS" on search engines / internet sites where my information can be found. This for their protection... so nobody but us and maybe a next door neighbor, know they are out of town. I also don't use any ad signs on my vehicle or wear shirts or caps with my company's logo, for my clients privacy & safety is paramount.


Prices For:

In​ Your Home Walk Thru Service At:  1 x Weekly

$20 For Condominiums

$24 For Small Homes

$28 For Large Homes

Per 15 Minute Visit - The Most Requested

Below Are Prices - If Needing More Time

If you request more than 1 visit per week... that will be fine. J.P.C. references are available from: North Village, South Village, East Village, Aquila Loop, Celebration Village, Artisan Park, & Spring Lake.


J.P.C. Payments  

Payable by check to:   Joe Maddux & given after return of each trip. Cash is also an acceptable form of payment for either JPC service.

Note:  All prices reflect the time it takes to gather all your home and/or pet info... on my 1st get-acquainted visit. Afterwards, I go through my notes / info you gave and convert it onto a Word document, for your information chart / future itinerary. My average time spent setting up a new account is 3 hours, at no charge to you.  

Also:  You can easily spend $100 per day to board your pets in one of 3 major Central Florida kennels, if you can reserve one of their high end suites with doggie beds, a flat screen tv, a nanny cam, etc. - plus they have other up-sell offerings too. Your beloveds would be better off staying in the comforts of their own home where it is nice & quiet 24/7 .

Per Day

Best for Busy Homes