Joseph's Pet Care

Dogs require 3 daily visits and cats are ok with only one.  JPC will never charge extra for peak periods, holidays, last minute request, & no charge for trip cancellations. Please scroll down for price listing. Thank you!

J.P.C. Walk Thru Service

Your home in Celebration is a wonderful investment & I would be honored to be your main overseer. I will always strive to exceed your every expectation, while providing you five star service, on each and every visit. Thank you!

J.P.C. - Service Prices

Compare the our service packages and find the best fit for you.

Joseph's Pet Care

Prices For Dogs & Cats

(The most selected time frame)​ 

Per 15 min. visit - 1 x daily = $25.00

Per 15 min. visit - 2 x daily = $23.50

Per 15 min. visit - 3 x daily = $22.00

(Dogs need 3 daily visits per 24 hour period)

(Cats are ok w/ 1 daily visit per 24 hour)

Below Are Prices - If Need More Time

Per 30 min. visit - $35

Per 45 min visit - $42.50

Per 60 min. visit - $50

I have informed all my J.P.C. families not to share "REVIEWS" on search engines / internet sites where my information can be found. This for their protection... so nobody but us and maybe a next door neighbor, know they are out of town. I also don't use any ad signs on my vehicle or wear shirts or caps with my company's logo, for my clients privacy & safety is paramount.


J.P.C. Prices For:

In​ Your Home Walk Thru Service At:  1 x Weekly

$18 For Condominiums

$20 For Small Homes

$22 For Large Homes

Per 15 Minute Visit - The Most Requested

Below Are Prices - If Needing More Time

If you request more than 1 visit per week... that will be fine. J.P.C. references are available from: North Village, South Village, East Village, Aquila Loop, Celebration Village, Artisan Park, & Spring Lake.


          J.P.C. Payments  

Payable by check to:   Joe Maddux & given after return of each trip. Cash is also an acceptable form of payment for either JPC service.

             Justification For JPC Prices

* The cost of me living / conducting this 

    business in Celebration, so I can  offer it 

    7 days a week with 24/7 availability.

* To cover the one free hour I give in setting

   up your new account, as we meet at your

   home on our first get-acquainted visit.

* Then the 2 hours it takes to record  your

    information into my JPC system; this by 

   compiling all your information onto your 

   detailed  JPC service form and itinerary. 

* To cover the cost of advertising, offering 

   of a website, business supplies, renewing 

   occupational license yearly, and fictitious 

   name renewal every 5 years.

* I deduct taxes from all JPC earnings each 

   year and H&R Block handles this for me.

* The cost of a home alarm system to

   protect all your vital information.

* My 20 years of experience in caring for 

   hundreds of beloved pets and homes in 

   Celebration... since JPC was started in 

   September of 2000. 

* Plus why pay the same amount or more

   to board your beloveds in a kennel, when

   they can stay in their comfortable & quiet


Per Day

Best for Busy Homes